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We have been through an unprecedented time over the past few months.  Unlike any events before, the C-19 pandemic posed not only tremendous challenges for the business world and economies generally, but even more so in our personal lives.  The pandemic has caused varying amounts of pain, fear, anxiety, disruption and lots of uncertainty.  As people we are all different in how we perceive things.  People react in very different ways; some were not concerned about the virus at all, others greatly concerned, some went out of their way to help others and take a positive view, others became extremely negative and self-focused only.   None are wrong, just different – and this makes decision making very difficult and subjective.

As an organisation, we comprehensively understand and accept these dynamics.  We cannot please everybody.  But what was fundamental to us, was:

  1. Nobody in our organisation would contract the virus while in our workplaces

  2. Protecting people’s jobs

  3. Preserving the business for the long term – we wanted a business for people to return to

  4. Making the period as comfortable as possible for all our people

  5. Supporting government and official initiatives

We worked tirelessly over the past few months to do all of these things.  We made quick decisions.  We made tough decisions.  We lost and won popularity contests along the way and didn’t care for these, we cared about remaining focused on the above tasks at hand.  I am pleased to display that through all our organisational surveys we have received overwhelmingly positive responses – which really kept us going during a tough time, constantly questioning ourselves and spending long exhausting hours looking after our business.  We termed the below our running average organisation health map and it formed a critical part of our leadership focus.

Less than satisfactory = 6.6% of our people

Satisfactory or better = 93.4% of our people

I am so proud of what we have achieved to date.  Very well done and a massive thank you to each one of our team who contributed to keeping our environments positive, remained caring and considerate to their work mates, continued to show dedication and commitment to our business and supported us as we navigated through this time.

It is a testament to your character, resilience, passion and dedication to all of us.  This time has taught us that the majority of people in our business genuinely care about the whole business.  We applaud you all.


Sheldon Upton

Group CEO


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