Our utility products include

Acculec is a leading supplier specialising in the manufacture and distribution of quality branded products, consumables, and services to the mining, resources, construction, infrastructure, rail, electrical power utilities and manufacturing sectors.  
Our projects and services division are well experienced in providing specialist preventative and routine maintenance works to electrical infrastructure and facilities’ projects in the defence, utilities, mining, industrial, explosive storage facilities, gas, petrochemical and renewables market sectors; delivering complex projects safely, on time, on budget. Our specialist project teams offer complete supply, projects and services in lightning protection, grounding, bonding, power factor correction, power quality and harmonic filtering equipment. We utilise premium brands and products such as nVent Erico, Hubbell, Burndy, Sinexcel and kVar Correct, as well as our own high quality manufactured products. 

Surge Arresters

Distribution & Transmission

Including Spark Class “A” (Fire Rated)

Surge Arresters

  • Distribution & Transmission

  • Including Spark Class “A” (Fire Rated)


  • Transmission & Distribution

  • Polymer, Porcelain & Glass

Line Hardware

  • Clamps & Connectors

  • Spacers & Dampers

  • Forged Fittings

  • Dead Ends

  • Splices

  • Insulator Pins

  • Manufactured Cable

Distribution Switches

  • Gas Switches: SF6 Insulated Load Break – 15kV – 38kV

  • Air Break Switches: 11kV – 22kV – 33kV

  • Cut Out Switches 


  • Earthing Rods & Accessories

  • Burndy Crimps

  • Cadweld

Cable Systems

  • Spacer cable technology
    (covered conductor – safe and affordable)

Substation Switches

  • Turner & ETMS Switches

  • Side break

  • Pole mount 

  • Bear trap system

Anchor Systems & Pole Staking

  • Screw anchors for staying poles

  • Screw piles for civil and construction

  • Anchor driving tools and equipment

  • Pole stakes

Voltage Regulators

  • Medium Voltage

  • Reliable operation

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Can be used with regulator controllers from SEL, ICMI or Beckwith.

  • Voltage VAR control

  • PV penetration support

Power Quality

Safe Work Equipment

  • Insulating tools

  • Operating

  • Sticks, glove & barrier gear

  • Arc flash protection

Machinery for Labour Efficiency

  • Reduce manual handling

  • Job efficiency

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