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Acculec supplies a range of Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Systems. Our Power Factor Correction products from Sinexcel set themselves apart from conventional technology, by eliminating switched capacitors. The Sinexcel SVG represents the latest generation technology in the power factor correction field. By eliminating the need for switched capacitors and providing dynamic step-less compensation, the SVG offers high performance in a compact package (including wall mounting options)! 

It operates by detecting the load current on a real-time basis through external CT's and determining the reactive content of the load current. The data is analysed and the SVG's controller drives the internal IGBT's by using pulse width modulation signals to make the inverter product the exact reverse reactive current of the corresponding load reactive content. 
This is injected to the grid to compensate the reactive content of the load current. By adjusting the output voltage amplitude and phase angle or by directly controlling the AC side current, the SVG can absorb or generate var according to the load reactive power or the grid voltage level. All of our products are designed with Australian conditions in mind. 


The Key Benefits 

  • Excellent power factor correction performance

  • Can maintain a PF of0.99 lagging or unity if required Compensates both inductive and capacitive loads

  • Corrects tagging and leading power factor (-1 to+ 1) 

Eliminating the weakest link 
The new method of PFC from Sinexcel takes away the most vulnerable and weakest link in a traditional PFC system - the switched capacitors. Various environmental conditions (eg. excessive temperature, over-voltage, harmonic distortion) may cause capacitors to rupture and ignite. The average life span of a switched capacitor is heavily dependent on the ambient temperature in which it is operated - requiring careful selection with respect to permissible operating temperature range. These temperature limits work well in colder climates but may not necessarily work well in Australia. The new generation technology in the SVG eliminates the operational limitations, safety concerns, space demands and life span issues of capacitor banks. 


Operates in a/13 phases 
A traditional switched capacitor type PFC system measures one phase and then provides stepped kVAr compensation to all phases based on the measurements taken from the one phase being measured. The other two phases all receive the same compensation, irrespective of what the other two phases actually need. The Sinexel SVG measures all 3 phases and provides specific dynamic kVAr compensation with each phase. 


Greater longevity 
With traditional capacitor type systems, the physical cabinet space required for the compensation steps is the same, whether the steps are 6.2SkVAr or up to S0kVAr steps. This results in requiring large cabinet space even for small adjustments. The other disadvantage of having a small step for fine adjustment is that it gets overused (frequently switched). The PFC controller uses an algorithm that evenly distributes the workload amongst the available steps except when one or two of those steps are of a smaller capacity. This brings into play the actual useable lifetime of the components used, for example, the life of the contactor! 


Not affected by resonance 
The Sinexcel system is not susceptible to existing harmonics and therefore does not need a blocking reactor and is unaffected by resonance whereas for the traditional PFC system this is very much a problem. 


Corrects load imbalance 

  • Can operate at low voltages 

  • Dynamic step-less compensation 

  • Profiles the load and operates with a response speed of <15ms

  • Dynamic reaction time is less than S0µs 

  • No possibility of over-compensation or under-compensation

  • Only injects the kVAr that is needed at that moment 

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